Support & Network Logging

For End Users:

Should you experience any network issues, please immediately make contact with your appointed ISP and log a call with them.

Possible causes and remedy for network issues may include the following:

Power failure in the immediate areaContact your ISP to notify them and wait for power to be restored
Router not functioning or Slow InternetRe-set the device, unplug and plug network cables back in, Contact your ISP.
Network down, no Internet connectionCheck all of the above; including if, your fibre cable is properly connected to your fibre handoff box

Please do not interfere or tamper with the fibre handoff box or fibre cables, which is installed in your location. Should you require the fibre box or fibre cables to be re-located, please make contact with your ISP, FCC and Property management.

Should you require your IT equipment to be connected with the fibre box, please contact your ISP and FCC for assistance.

Please note that fibre cables and patch-leads are very sensitive cables and should not be bend, cut or pulled in any way to avoid damage and signal losses. The fibre infrastructure form part of the property facility. Please note that any deliberate and physical damage caused to the fibre cable will void the infrastructure warranty and SLA on a service.

For Service Providers: 

Should an ISP experience any network issues, please contact your Wholesale provider for assistance.

Notice For Wholesale Providers:

Once the ISP confirmed the Wholesale provider is not experiencing any Downtime, Cut-overs, Power failures or any other fault, then the following points will apply:

  • The Wholesale provider to test any patch-lead extension and swop connectors.
  • The Wholesale provider to investigate if any power failures / load shedding is the cause of any downtime.
  • The Wholesale provider to investigate the “End” device is Switched on, Reset, Plugged into the correct cable link whilst checking the correct connectors are used and plugged into the correct Locations / ports. Customer IT might do changes and or swops in server cabinets.
  • The relevant provider to run the latest software updates on the end device

Should the above points not resolve the problem, then contact FCC as per SLA Matrix to establish the fault:

  • Severity 1: Fibre Optic Cable Network down and not functional.
  • Severity 2: Fibre Optic Cable Network active but the use thereof severely impacted.
  • Severity 3: Fibre Optic Cable Network problem but can be circumvented.
  • Severity 4: Query

The following information will be required when reporting an incident to FCC:

  • The FCC reference number applicable to the link/network being affected
  • The company name and physical address
  • The above-mentioned Severity Level
  • Name, number and e-mail of person reporting the incident

How to Log A Support Ticket 

See detail in the below document.

Please direct faults to