Smart Buildings

FiberCom Connect (FCC) specializes in the management and consultancy of Telecommunications Facilities. As an independent and neutral telecommunications consultant, FCC caters to Property Owners, Developers, and Major funds. We function as the appointed consultant for Property Owners in matters concerning fibre and related telecommunications, including the implementation of the Property Owner’s Single Trench Policy (STP).

FCC advocates for True Open Access and devises innovative strategies customized for each individual property through collaboration with major Network and Service Providers.

Our goal is to facilitate True Open Access on permanently installed, passive fibre infrastructure within buildings. This establishes FCC as the ideal partner for any Smart Building rollout or transformation.

Moreover, the promotion of Green Building initiatives is accomplished by curbing the duplication of fibre infrastructure, leading to reduced maintenance and associated truck rolls.


We empower End-Users to connect with their preferred Network Provider by ensuring the ready availability of telecommunication infrastructure for activation on a fair and inclusive basis.

Sustainable Implementation:

Telecoms infrastructure is deployed once and sustained. Through this enduring infrastructure installation, the need for continuous redeployment and associated maintenance is minimized.

Insight for Network Operators:

The collaborative approach between FCC and Network Operators fosters a rapid and competitive market, contributing to a reduction in the deployment costs for Network Operators.


The prompt deployment of permanent telecommunications infrastructure enhances the economic value of the property by generating investment returns and attracting tenants to hassle-free “plug and play” infrastructure. The additional benefits of Smart and Green Building initiatives further complement this approach.

Development Support:

Armed with a comprehensive record of permanent fibre infrastructure in any building, we can efficiently aid any development team in program implementation and the deployment of new infrastructure in upgraded or expanded areas.

Empowering the industry:

FCC promotes Open Access through our network-neutral consultancy and associated services. Our goal is to engage in collaborative efforts with Service Providers, empowering them to provide connectivity to End-Users in a fair and sustainable manner.

Through partnerships with significant Network Operators and Service Providers, we can facilitate End-User connectivity while also ensuring that property-specific considerations are integrated into the entire connectivity process.

Telecommunications Management:

In our role as an impartial managing agent and host, dedicated to ensuring equal access to property infrastructure, we enable the provision of diverse service offerings from various Network Operators at competitive rates within the properties.