Service Quality

FCC conducts audits on the fibre infrastructure, confirming network records, pinpointing access points, and assessing available capacity for future upgrades. Through the collection and updating of deployed fibre infrastructure plans and layouts, upgrades can be seamlessly executed with minimal disruption and shorter timeframes.

SLA Management of Fiber infrastructure:

The process commences with the provision of an agreed-upon infrastructure, consisting of flexible components to guarantee consistent connectivity at anticipated speeds. In conventional terms, a network Service Level Agreement (SLA) usually focuses on specific elements of service delivery, including packet loss, latency, jitter, availability, and more. The provider is tasked not only with measuring each component of every service but also with defining the comprehensive outcome derived from all these individual elements.


The fibre infrastructure supports every service offered across the network and as such is a critical part of the network. FCC tests and analyse the ability of the fibre to support the highest network standards from a Tier 1 level as well as planned future expansions,changes and additions to property.

Reporting and Portal

Our reports are produced through a digital report generation system, granting access to both Network Operators and Property Owners. They cover a wide range, including the results of physical surveys, testing, and delivery certificates, along with presenting business case outcomes and the adoption of fibre services from different Network Operators.

In our electronic portal, connections can be facilitated between End-Users and ISPs, as well as between ISPs and available Backhaul Suppliers within the same property.