Infastructure Management

FCC provides a dynamic advisory service amongst others to property owners, tenants and internet service providers. Infrastructure connectivity is provided to enable true Open Access Network services to both ISP’s and end users/tenants in terms of a Single Trench Policy.

True Open Access involves choice of Backhaul Suppliers

FiberCom Connect (FCC) functions as an impartial intermediary between Backhaul Suppliers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs), comprehending their needs, overseeing operational activities, and ensuring genuine open access to the permanent property infrastructure. A key aspect of True Open Access is the ability for an ISP to select the most optimal and cost-effective Backhaul Supplier for its End User (Tenant). The existence of multiple Backhaul Suppliers encourages competition, provides backup options, and offers competitive service packages at different speeds to the market.

End Users (Tenants) also gain advantages in choosing between ISPs when these providers have the option to select from various Backhaul Suppliers at the property.



Management of Fibre Infrastructure through the Single Trench Policy

Our goal is to promote the installation of permanent fibre infrastructure in properties, preventing duplication at any given time. This infrastructure is then managed on an open-access basis, ensuring equal access for all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to utilize such infrastructure.

Advantages of the Single Trench Policy include:

  • Safeguarding property infrastructure and utilities.
  • Enhancing consistency in rapid deployment.
  • Mitigating security risks, including cyber-security.
  • Reducing the occurrence of unused and duplicated fibre infrastructures.
  • Lowering overall costs for Network Operators in deploying infrastructure.
  • Treating telecoms and related infrastructure as a third utility through the record-keeping of infrastructure installed as part of the policy.

Cyber Security:

Organizations will continue to face emerging security threats stemming from vulnerable and compromised infrastructures, frequently identified in unregulated environments.

The implementation of the Single Trench Policy results in a regulated environment among the relevant stakeholders.

The enduring installation of fibre infrastructure establishes a more controlled setting, where access to Telecommunications (Telco) rooms and nodes is carefully regulated.