Open Access Network Operators and Connectivity

FCC audits of the fibre infrastructure validate the network records, identifying access points as well as the capacity available for future upgrades.

By collecting and updating the as-built documentation to match the installed network future maintenance and upgrades can be completed with a minimum of disruption and within reduced timeframes.

The process for enablement is for the ISP to place a wholesale order on any of the appointed Open Access network operators to deliver the required service to the ISP for tenant activation. The ISP may also decide to change between Open Access network operators or appoint multiple operators for example redundancey purposes.

The list of Open Access Suppliers is not limited and expand as compliance to the property Single Trench Policy is reached at various properties.

Process to follow: Once the ISP has chosen a backhaul provider, the backhaul provider need to plan/activate the services from the property meet-me-room. All fibre planning must follow to the property meet-me-room in order for review and approval.


If you as a tenant have an existing ISP (Internet Service Provider), please refer them to this web page to assist them for service enablement.
If you require the service of a new ISP, please return to the Home page and start with STEP 1
In order to assist an ISP (Internet Service Provider) to connect to a tenant inside a property, we require the following information:

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